Thursday, August 6, 2015

#freebie Back2School Photoshop Class...First Day PPT!

I'm about to head home for the day, but I spent a good while working on a first day PowerPoint for Photoshop class (and I tend to overplan, so the character quiz might go to day 2).

Many sources say that the first day should be interesting and provide a hook to want them to come back. And, they should learn a little about the class, but not heavy on rules and procedures. So, I begin with a "need to know" PowerPoint (which I am not including here) that takes a few minutes in each class. Then, we dive into deciding if this class is a match for them or not and answering the most common questions.

Thus, this Powerpoint (feel free to download if you teach a graphics class).  I start with a fun game of "Photoshop or Nah." They will find a partner during a short game show musical interlude and then each group will be given a paddle with yes on one side and no on the other. I have a few "before" and "after" Photoshop images (well, some aren't Photoshopped) to show them. They will collectively decide whether they think it is or not and then I'll ask for answers all at the same time and reveal the truth.

Next, I go over the reasons you should or should not take my class (good thing I'm an elective, huh?). I hit a few important details (required SD card, grading schema, common questions) as well.

Then, I dive into showing examples of work from previous years and talk about some projects briefly. Projects vary from semester to semester, of course.

Lastly, if there is time, we do a "Cartoon Character" game where they each write down answers to a 10 question quiz and figure out which character they are. Then, they will write their name on a big poster I have under the character they are!

Hey, that's a fun first day, right!? :) Let's hope. Of course, that's just Photoshop. Three more classes to prepare.... but going home!

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